Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Bicycle Ride

Saturday 14th September

Yes, it’s that time of year folks – the annual bike ride 2019.
The cycle ride this year will be taking place on Saturday 14th September so, for all you enthusiastic cycle riders out there who’ve never done this before well, now’s your chance to see how many churches you can visit in a day and help to raise monies to keep the beautiful churches in Suffolk standing.
How about all those families I see cycling in and around Ixworth why not make a day of it see how many churches you can reach. Its a great way tosee the countryside, stop have a picnic on the way.

Not forgetting those of you who are not keen cyclists, well, you can always be sponsored to walk the churches in and around Bury. If you are not a keen cyclist or a walker but would like to help, I will certainly need some stewards to meet and greet those who will be stopping at St Mary’s Church.

So come on Ixworth lets make this a really great year for this event.
I’d love to hear from you so please give me a ring 01359 230615 or email for more details.
Frances Brown

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