Slimming World has changed my life


In July 2014, Carla joined Slimming World after having a difficult conversation with a nurse at her local hospital in preparation for some knee surgery.  It was the realisation that she needed to do something to change.

Since then she has lost over 2 stone but more importantly she has loved every minute:  Carla says “this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change.” “I have loved all the food we have cooked, enjoyed delving into new recipe books and have created things I never thought possible like a Slimming World Nacho Feast, now you can’t tell me you would feel like you are dieting with that in front of you!”

She has been struggling since being a child with weight issues and felt every emotion that came with that, one of the things that inspires her is the Free2Go programme that Slimming World offers for anyone from the age of 11 to get support with losing weight but also help with those young emotions.

Her enthusiasm has rubbed off on several friends and family so she thought why not onto others too?  Hence deciding to become a slimming world consultant.

She is still a member to both look after her own journey but also because the support she finds in any group is amazing – they are your Slimming World family!

So drop in and see Carla in Ixworth Village Hall on a Wednesday morning  9.30 and let her show you how to love food, love yourself and lose weight.  You will get mountains of support and a plan that will become a natural and normal part of your life.

You can contact her by phone or email Carla 07900 810636 or

She also has a slimming world facebook page:   Ixworth Slimming World with Carla


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