Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May 2013 – ‘MOST CRUEL & BLOODY MURDER’ by Wellmade Theatre Productions

Doors open 7.15pm.  Starts 7.45pm.  Tickets £7 available on the door.


‘Most Cruel & Bloody Murder’


,,is a  play which tells the true event of a Murder that took place in Diss in 1829. The script is built around actual newspaper reports and court notes made at the time.

To this day we don’t know who the killer was.

Although a suspect was chosen nothing was proven. The story suggests a number of suspects and in today’s world of policing one of them would have undoubtedly been tried and found guilty.

Every member of the audience will have their chosen guilty one. ‘Why wasn’t he charged’?

The performance will be performed by story-telling as well as scripted dialogue and a number of costumed characters as mentioned in the actual reports. There will be a stage lighting plot to capture the mood of the story and enhance imagination.

It’s a ‘who dunnit’ with a difference and the story relates to some of the villages local to Diss.
Who knows, the audience may even know relatives of the family concerned?


ixworth village hall

ixworth village hall

Ixworth Village Hall is run by a committee and looks after the hall in the interests of the village.

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