Questionnaire Results 2012


122 responses received – (17 online, 105 put in collection boxes)



  Question  Answers
1) Do you ever use the Village Hall?  
YES 101
NO 21
  If ‘yes’ what do you use it for?   
Library 66
Over 60’s Club 10
Toddler Group 6
Quay Dance Classes 5
Keep Fit 3
Jumble Sales 10
Events 14
Antiques Fair 8
Blood Donors 4
Slimming Club 1
Meetings 6
Top Time 2
Carpet Bowls 1
Activities Non-Specific 5
No Answer 12
2) If you never use the Village Hall is there a particular reason for this?  
No particular reason 7
Do not know what activities are there 3
Not interested in activities there 7
No Answer 3
“New to village but will use in time”“The existing hall has no atmosphere and is way out of date”“Unable to due to ill health”“Would use the hall more if I liked the activities there”“Should be more activities for older children”

“There is nothing for my age group” (17-25) Comment from 2 responses.

“Not really aware of any other activities”

“Not enough on or miss info when events are on”

“Prices for children’s parties far too high”

3) Have you ever booked the hall for a one off event or are you a current hall hirer?  
YES 17
NO 103
No Answer 2
4) If yes, were/are you happy with the facilities on offer and why?  Could you suggest any improvements?  
“Current hirer.  The facilities have greatly improved over the past few months.  It used to be very, very cold in the winter months but with the new windows this has definitely helped”“Improvements needed to toilets and kitchen”“Very happy”“As a frequent user over the years I know what to expect.  It was more than adequate for our needs but in need of TLC e.g. decorating etc.  Many recent changes are encouraging”“Hired many years ago.  Happy at the time”

“New water heater for drinks a great improvement”


“It was many years ago we used it for a part so minimum facilities were needed”

“Used for a christening party”

“The kitchen at the bottom of the hall could be made in to a useable room for making tea/coffee with little effort (not suggesting preparation of food”

“We were very happy with the facilities on offer because it met all our requirements.  We have had no problems decorating the hall with balloons and banners etc when we have hired the hall but would a wooden dado/picture rail just above head height be more suitable for people to use for fixing party decorations etc to the walls.  Some suitable artwork on the walls would be nice, perhaps from the village schools”

“Would like to see stage curtains and lighting”

5) Is there any specific activity you would like to see offered at the village hall?
“Gym Facilities”“Pre-school children gym or music classes”“Tea dance (afternoon)”“Cinema Club”“Line Dancing”

“Quarter or half yearly ‘Welcome to Ixworth’ for folk new to the community”

“Pole Dancing Club”

“Skate Park once a week”

“Zumba Classes” several requests

“Legs, Bums & Tums”

“Jo Jingles Children’s Clubs”

“Concerts & Performances”

“Salsa Dancing Classes”

“Jazz Night”

“Comedy Club”

“Snooker & Pool Tables”

“More on offer for teenagers to do”

“Tennis Courts”

“Computer classes for adult beginners/over 65’s”

“Activities for children over school holidays”


“Cheese & Wine Tasting”

“Basketball Court”

“Plant Sales”

“Whist Drives”

“Children’s Nearly New Sales – attended one in 2010 but not seen one advertised since.  Would be very popular as having children is expensive!”

“Table Top Sales”

“Dolls House Fairs”

“Local History presentations/slideshows etc”

“Fortnightly /monthly disco for teens, rollerskating/hire”

“Sausage Supper Evening”

“Once a year charity fair – invite charities”

“Amateur Dramatics”

“Any uses to increase community spirit”

“More & varied classes – hobby or educational groups”

“Country & Western dances once a month”

“Quiz nights”


“Treasure Hunt”

“Dog Show”

“Race night”

“Local history group”

“I would welcome more opportunities to keep fit and exercise within the village.  Perhaps group country walks/rambles could be arranged, leaving from and returning to the village hall for which a small charge could be made”

“Toy Fair”

“Pilates class”

“Climbing Wall”

“Dog obedience classes”

“Village Cricket Team”

“Aerobics Class”

“Pantomines once a year”

“The WI have to use the Methodist chapel, why could we not use the village hall?”

6) If the following activities/events were available at the village hall would you use or attend them? (Results in order of popularity)  
Farmers Market 72
Car Boot Sale 70
Craft Fair 63
Adult Education Classes 55
Live Band Night 32
Bingo Night 32
Dinner & Dance Night 23
Badminton 24
Table Tennis 21
Youth Club 20
Children’s Disco 16
Mobile Skate Park (visiting monthly during the summer) 17
No Answer 8
7) The idea of having a cinema in the village has been put forward .  What do you think of this idea?  
Good Idea 89
Good idea and I would like to help with this project (including 2 young people) 6
Not Interested 19
No Answer 8
8) What is the maximum amount you would be prepared to pay for a ticket to see a film at the village hall?  
£2.00 17
£3.50 69
£5.00 24
No Answer 12
Comments“Cinema on the lines of Walsham-Le-Willows ‘Flicks in the Sticks’- Children’s Show from 5pm-7pm, Film & Cartoons £1pp.  8pm-11pm Main theatre film £3pp.  We often meet many Ixworth villagers there”“Can go to the cinema (in BSE) for £5”“Seats may not be comfortable” 
9) Ixworth has many artefacts which were discovered on the Roman Fort settlement (behind Stow Road) when the bypass was built.  Many of these artefacts are in storage and the history of Ixworth unknown to many people.  An idea has been put forward to have a permanent display cabinet in the Village Hall, with plans, photos and a comprehensive description of the Roman Fort and other general Ixworth historical facts.  What do you think of this idea?  
Good Idea 104
Good Idea and I would like to help with this project 12
Not interested 4
No Answer 2
Comments“History display would need advertising well”“It would be great to get some children involved in this (project)”“Would very much like to see the return of the village hall gates/canopy – before the newcomers into the village will know nothing of their existence and their whereabouts forgotten”
10) Do you have any other ideas for the use of the Village Hall or playing fields including the children’s play area?  
COMMENTS FOR OUTSIDE OF THE HALL INCLUDING PLAYING FIELDS:“netball court”“Playing fields could be used for cricket teams in the summer”“cricket – another use of village hall kitchen for cricket teas”“more picnic benches and seating in the play area”

“Fence off older children’s play area so dogs cannot get access”

“I think that the mobile skate park should be more than once a month in the 6 weeks holidays”

“More seating areas – enclose rest of play area to stop dogs cocking their legs”

“A ‘Trim Trail’ around the playing field perimeter would be good”

“Floodlit all weather sports pitch”

“picnic tables”

“Charity football match – men v women”

“For playing field and children’s area put up ‘No Dog’ notices with a fine as there used to be”

“Tennis court”


“Keep dogs off of pitches due to fouling.  Designate the edges or to one side for dogs.  More dog bins (we are dog owners and are sick to death of people who don’t clear up – especially where areas are shared with children”

“Skate park – permanent one”

“One or two picnic tables or benches in the youth/older kids play area – these would need to be very robust!”

“Zip wire”

“Rugby pitch”

“Picnic and games in the summer.  More sports, cricket, rounders, coaching? Mini assault course or trim trail around the outside of the field area”

“Picnic areas, play areas fenced off”

“Is there room for a tennis court?”

“Nearly new sale/car boot sale on the field”

“The old basketball hoop was well used and popular with teenagers.  I know the elderly residents were not keen and when it broke it was removed without consultation.  A lot of children used it responsibly and miss it!”

“Steam fairs, vintage car rally’s, open air theatre groups”



“Have a list of hire charges on display”

“An attractive comfortable lounge area (like Great Barton)”

“Indoor archery continental target (outdoors would require a lot of storage of targets”

“Coffee shop with tables and comfortable seating.  Possible focal point for older village residents”

“Drop-in centre for seniors/parents and toddlers who may not want to join an organised group e.g. informal tea afternoon”

“Children’s garden club & allotment area”

“Would like to support the regular antique fairs held on Sundays but grudge spending an entrance fee to be able to make purchase once inside hall”

“Why not advertise the terms and conditions for hiring each room together with it’s size”

“A better equipped kitchen with china and cutlery”

“Air conditioning”

“Brighten it up inside”


“Events are not particularly well advertised”

“Currently your contact details seem rather haphazardly publicised.  Why doesn’t your column in the Parish News Letter feature email, website and phone numbers as a heading or footer?”

“May we say that the information in the Ixworth Newsletter this month is a bit more comprehensive and informative which should help generate more interest by way of a well presented programme of events.  Freshening up the village hall will give a better, more attractive impression.  Well done!”

11) Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the existing facilities of the village hall?
“The Bar area is too dark for activities during the day”“Price for renting rooms too expensive for small groups i.e. 6 or 12 people”“Freshen it up.  Have work days to get locals together to help improve the facilities.  This will help raise usage of the hall and create a buzz”“Mirrors for cousins room for the dancing classes”“I think it’s nice how it is but just needs some TLC”

“General re-decoration of seating area s and toilets”

“Decoration of changing rooms and wc’s”

“Improvement to Cousins room”

“Lowering of roof to cut heating costs and make it more cosy”

“TLC needed, especially to outside doors etc.  Best of luck in wanting to raise funds”

“Toilets always a problem!  How about port-a-loos for events?”

“Decorate it, it looks dismal!”

“The acoustics are not good.  Needs a permanent microphone to use for all occasions.  Voices go only the way a person is looking”

“Refurbish kitchen and ladies toilet”

“New paint job!”

“The heating needs attending to.  The main hall is always cold”

“Upgrade stage area so that plays, pantomines etc can be staged”

“A proper stage with curtains would improve our chances in booking shows”

“Better heating!”

“Needs modernising with new decoration and more ‘kerb appeal’”

“Knock it down”

“Time to find a more 21st Century name for the place.  Ixworth is a big place now, not a small ‘village’.  Time also to modernise the management structures?”

“Glad the baby changing table has been put back in the disabled toilets, this is necessary when hiring the hall to groups with babies”

“excellent work”

12) Number of people who volunteered to help out with fundraising events 37
13) What age group do you fall into?  
16 and Under 8
17-25yrs 9
26-45yrs 16
46-64yrs 33
65yrs+ 51
No Answer 5


Questionnaire responses compiled by Ixworth Village Hall Management Comittee – April 2012.



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