Ixworth Hall Needs Your Views!

The committee of Ixworth Village Hall are looking at ways to improve the facilities of the Hall.  We would like to apply for funding to upgrade our facilities and as this is your village hall we need your views on what you would like to see offered there.  If you could spend a few minutes filling in this questionnaire it would be very much appreciated.

Reasons for Upgrade

  • Improve the facilities for existing users
  • Village hall is currently under utilised – need to attract new users.
  • The village hall is a valuable resource for the community and we need to make it more sustainable

If you can fill in the questionnaire below and press send we would greatly appreciate it.


    (1) Do you ever use the village hall?

    (2) If you never use the village hall is there a particular reason for this?

    (3) Have you ever booked the hall for a one off event or are you a current hall hirer?
    If yes, were/are you happy with the facilities on offer and why? Could you suggest any improvements?

    (4) Is there any specific activity you would like to see offered at the village hall?

    (5) If the following activities /events were available at the village hall, would you use or attend them?

    BadmintonTable TennisDinner & Dance NightYouth ClubCraft FairLive Band NightAdult Education ClassesBingo NightChildren’s DiscoCar Boot SaleMobile Skate Park

    (6) The idea of having a cinema night in the village hall has been put forward. What do you think of this idea?

    (7) What is the maximum amount you would be prepared to pay for a ticket to see a film at the village hall?

    e.g. £2.00, £3.50, £5.00

    (8) Ixworth has many artefacts which were discovered on the Roman Fort settlement (behind Stow Road) when the bypass was built. Many of these artefacts are in storage and the history of Ixworth unknown to many people. An idea has been put forward to have a permanent display cabinet in the Village Hall, with plans, photos and a comprehensive description of the Roman Fort and other general Ixworth historical facts. What do you think of this idea?

    (9) Do you have any other ideas for the use of the Village Hall or playing fields including the children’s play area?

    (10) The Village Hall has recently set up a separate fund-raising group to focus on organising events including the 2012 Summer Village Fete & the Jubilee Street Party. The group wants to raise the profile of the village hall and create more community events. Would you be interested in joining this group?

    (11) Do you have any other ideas for the use of the Village Hall or playing fields including the children’s play area?
    Please indicate with an ‘x’.
    16 and Under17-25yrs26-45yrs46-64yrs65yrs+

    (12) Any further comments would be greatly appreciated


    Thank you very much for filling in this questionnaire.  We very much appreciate all your comments.

    You can follow us on Facebook at ‘Ixworth Village Hall’

    If you would like to discuss this questionnaire or offer any further feedback please call:

    Nick Laughton

    Chair of Ixworth Village Hall Committee

    01359 230732.


    2 Responses to Ixworth Hall Needs Your Views!

    1. Robbie Goodwin Robbie Goodwin says:

      Am I wrong in thinking that there is or was a karate club at Ixworth Village Hall and have you a contact number, please?

      Best wishes,

      • ixworth village hall ixworth village hall says:

        Hi Robbie, Unfortunately we do not have a Karate Club presently at the Village Hall. The nearest we know of is a Kuk Sol Won group which is run by Kevin Sandford at Stanton Village Hall on a Monday and Wednesday. Sorry but we have no contact details so it may be worth googling or visiting the Hall – Claire.

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